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FREE mole discount anyone?

Occasionally we need a smiling face with personality to be the subject of a photo/video for online marketing: Then yes - lets do it!

Will my insurance cover my mole removal?

Yes, your insurance will cover your mole removal if the mole is considered to be "suspicious." Other moles may be said to be removed for cosmetic reasons only. It is always recommended you have the mole assessed by a professional before making that determination. You may schedule your free assessment and consultation by calling (210) 691-1234.

I am prone to keloids, what options do I have for a mole removal?

The good news is that keloids form in specific anatomic locations and not in others, even in patients with a predilection for keloid formation. We must simply asses you to determine if you are a good candidate. Call us to take advantage of your FREE assessment. 1 (800) SKINCARE

Can a large birthmark be removed?

I have a very large birthmark running across my back, can it be removed?

We can remove moles/birthmarks of all shapes and sizes. It is important that we evaluate you and discuss your treatment options and expectations. You can call us at 1-800-SKINCARE to schedule your free assessment.

How long does it take?

I work Monday through Friday and can't take time off from work. Can my mole removal be done during my lunch break?

Yes! Depending on the area and size of the mole, the removal treatment usually takes no more than a half hour. We will be glad to make accommodations for you. You may call us at (210)691-1234

Mole Recurrence

Will my mole grow back after it is removed?

Moles tend to recur when they are removed by methods aside from excision. We pride ourselves on removing moles by surgical excision in order to minimizes the probability of recurrence. You may contact us to schedule your free consultation today! (210) 691-1234

Am I a good candidate for a mole removal?

Who would best represent a good candidate for Mole Removal?

Patients who can benefit both physically and emotionally from having a mole removed would be considered a good candidate. However, people must remember it is meant for improvement, not perfection. It is important to have realistic expectations about mole removal. 

We can asses you for this procedure at no cost. Please call us at 1 (800) SKINCARE.

*Large mole on my nose was forbidden to be removed!

My dermatologist wouldn't remove the mole from the tip of my nose on account that it would distort the shape and flatten out my nose tip. What else can I do?

Response: Although that may be the case. We have been doing this for decades and yet have not met a mole that can't be removed with great results. The only way to know for sure is to come in for a FREE evaluation M-F , 9-4. *

*Prior moles removed with poor results

Yes, many patients have had a prior "botched" procedure and looking to improve the scar. 

We manage such procedures on a daily basis. Best thing to do is schedule a FREE evaluation so we may determine what is best for you. 210-691-1234.*

*I can't afford procedures, but I do want my mole gone?

Many patients feel that cosmetic procedures are very expensive. These procedures vary in prices and really depends on the size and location of your mole or lesion. Many patients are surprised at the affordability of a simple mole removal. And for those with limited income- We have payment plans. The simplest way to know is if we simply take a look at the lesion we are dealing with--It won't cost you a nickel to just be evaluated.

Office Staff.*

*Can you improve a scar from a prior mole excision?

Many clients have had mole removals at other clinics but not happy with results. They wish to know what we can do.

Response: We at our clinic take pride in providing scar less procedures. We have also performed many scar revisions from prior moles removal scars. The only way to know is if we take a look. We offer FREE evaluations for this. M-F 9-5.*

Office staff

*I need fast healing for an event coming up soon.

Many patients want rapid results with no scarring for a major event such as a wedding, prom night or going to a party. So they ask for rapid results.

Response: This is definitely something we can accomodate. However, it does depend on the size, location, shape, depth and general appearance of mole. We do not charge to simply evaluate the mole and determine if rapid removal is feasible and if at all possible. 
Office staff. *

*Mole with hair?

Patients inquire about removal of a mole with hair. They want to know if removal guarantees no hair will ever grow back at the location where mole was present?

Response: Many time we see hair roots under a mole excision and we pluck each one out! We may evaluate your mole at no cost to see if you are a good candidate!*

*Risk of problems with arteries, nerves around my eyes?

Many clients are afraid to have anything removed from their face with the fear that an important structure maybe injured such a nerve or artery.

Response: That is why the removal of any mole must be done by a qualified individual. There are only very few cases that have been turned away because of potential such risks. An evaluation with no charge is always done first. Call 1-800-SkinCare*

*NO scar is all I ask for.

So many clients want to get rid of their facial mole. However, they worry about scarring.

Response: The face has an amazing ability to heal itself under a controlled environment that scar less results are the rule rather than the exception.* 

*Risk of scars.

Can you remove moles from the center of my right cheek without scarring?

Answer: Our goals are always to minimize scarring. No one should ever tell you with 100% certainty that no scar will remain. The face heals impressively well when a mole removal is done by experienced physicians. We tend to not see any scar in the majority of patients after a few months.*

*Teaching program?

Many patients have inquired if they may be the subjects of teaching so they may have procedure done for a significant discount.

Response: We do have teaching programs. These candidates will need to be scheduled way in advance. There is very limited slots for this option. Please call Melissa or Andrea to learn more.*

*Is it painful to remove a large moles or skin tags?

Many wonder just how painful the removal of their mole can or will be.

Response: The answer is that simply with our advanced methods-there is No pain at all.*

Office Staff

*Self removal of moles possible?

Many clients have made an attempt to remove moles themselves and ask if that was dangerous.

Response: There are always risks, such as bleeding, infection and resolvement with a larger scar than acceptable. We never advise anyone to perform such procedure on themselves. We are also willing to evaluate every and any mole initially free of charge and at least make a sound recommedation by a licensed physician.*

Office Medical Staff

*What about those internet advertised creams for mole removal?

Many patient learn of "other" ways to manage their mole without having to see a doctor.

Response: Multiple advertisements promote creams that remove moles in a matter of weeks. These items vary in ingredients and therefore we can not determine whether it is safe or not. We will not know until lesion is evaluated by a licenced medical physician. This initial evaluation is FREE of charge with no obligation to proceed unless client is not comfortable.*

Office staff MG

*Is laser removal of mole always the best?

Many patients are convinced that the use of a laser for mole removal is really the only state-of-the-art method that should be used.

Response: High technology it certainly is. However, only on approximately 50% of patients are their moles best treated with a laser. Every individual must have an evaluation to assess their skin/mole for proper treatment. Ultimate goals are to prevent scars. Cost for the evaluation or to assess area is FREE of charge.*

Office staff. MG

*Are the removal of moles covered by Medical Insurance?

Many clients want to know whether the dissection or removal of moles may be covered under medical insurance.

Response: Yes we accept most insurance payers. Patients are asked to bring in their insurance card so that we may verify coverage. Every mole or lesion needs to be assessed before proceeding. This initial evaluation is FREE of charge.*

Office Staff. MG

*Methods for removal.

Pt frequently ask which method leaves the least amount of scarring.

Response:  There are multiple methods including cautery, laser, excision and freezing. Because every patient, lesion, body location is different - we use the method best suited for the specific case. We sometimes use a combination of methods. Our goal is to minimize scarring while avoiding pain or discomfort.*

Staff physician.JR

*Disclaimer: This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments. The information is not advise and should not be treated as such. This websites' photos, testimonials, and video are individual results and in no way a guarantee of your results.

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